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The Zap-O-Matic is a Neon Blue, glossy gun, that was used in all of the games as Crypto's first gun, which what appeared to be a Tesla Coil. It fired bolts of electricity that slowly drained a target's health, and locked Humans in place like a taser. Being Crypto's first gun in all the games made it the weakest, however it didn't run off of any ammo supply, but instead a ZapoCell battery charge: that charge required you to let the gun recharge every time that it's used, but only for a few moments. That gun was also upgraded like all the other weapons: extra damage, longer lasting battery charge, and Chain Lightning to hit multiple targets at once.


The first model of the Zap-O-Matic was in Destroy All Humans!, It had the ability to Zap-Release, which meant that when the lightning connected with a target for a few seconds, releasing the trigger, or when the gun ran out of charge, did extra damage. There were also less upgrades, making it the strongest model of the Zap-O-Matic when not upgraded, as well as model with the highest lightning chaining when fully upgraded.

  • Upgrade 1: Chain lightning to 1 additional target
  • Upgrade 2: Chain lightning to 2 additional targets
  • Upgrade 3: Chain lightning to 4 additional targets

Zap-O-Matic (DAH2!)[]

The Zap-O-Matic appeared again in Destroy All Humans! 2, when upgraded, it could hit 3 additional targets. Like most other Weapons in the second game, it also had the ability to upgrade the damage against the Blisk, with the acquirement of a certain Datacore.

  • Iridium Arc Splitter: Chain lightning to additional targets
    • Electrovolt Crab Cracker: Increased electricity damage vs Blisk
  • Boost Capacitor: Increase the ZapoCell Battery charge
    • Fluxeon Capacitor: Maximum ZapoCell Battery charge
  • Gortan Shock Multiplier: Increase electricity damage
    • Electron Volt Magnifier: Maximum electricity damage

Zap-O-Matic (DAH!BWU)[]

Present once again in 1974, this Zap-O-Matic was featured In Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed. It was known for the different noises that it made when it fired than the previous 2 versions. This version's lightning had much farther range, but only when it was chained to a second or third target, possibly from some sort of bug like the rest of Big Willy Unleashed.

  • Iridium Arc Multiplexer: Chain lightning to more targets
    • Iridium Arc Maxiplexer: Maximize chain lightning targets
  • Gortan Shock Enhancer: Increase electrical damage
    • Shock Burst Overdriver: Maximize electrical damage

Zap-O-Matic (DAH!POTF)[]

This Zap-O-Matic had the most upgrades of any other version, with 3 upgrades each for the 3 categories stated in overview. This model could be fired when using PK, like other weapons present in Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon. It made more more science fiction-esque noises when it fired instead of the First two models' more realistic electrical noises.

  • Life Form Shock Multiplier 1: Increase Zap Damage
    • Life Form Shock Multiplier 2: Further increase Zap Damage
      • Life Form Shock Multiplier 3: Increase Zap Damage to maximum
  • Iridium Arc Splitter 1: Chain lightning to 1 additional target
    • Iridium Arc Splitter 2: Chain lightning to 2 additional targets
      • Iridium Arc Splitter 3: Chain lightning to 3 additional targets
  • Fluxeon Capacitor 1: Increase ZapoCell Battery charge
    • Fluxeon Capacitor 2: Further increase ZapoCell Battery charge
      • Fluxeon Capacitor 3: Increase ZapoCell Battery charge to maximum


  • The Zap-O-Matic was always obtained in the first mission of every game.
  • Furon Enforcers carried that common weapon, which made the Zap-O-Matic the likely eqivalent to tasers among Furons.