Crypto fighting Armquist in Union Town.

Union Town was the fifth area in Destroy All Humans!. In that area, Crypto crash landed the Saucer in a Military base and was held captive after the Saucer was shot down by a Tesla Coil. Crypto eventually was able to escape his imprisonment and he destroyed the island base. Crypto then killed Armquist in his Power Suit. The time was around early dawn. Union Town was a parody of Norfolk, Virginia. The newspaper for that town was "The Union Town News".

Areas[edit | edit source]

Docks: A very large area where dock workers were all the time. That was where Crypto was held hostage. Many turrets also surrounded that area.

Millitary Muesum: A very quiet area where only Soldiers were. It did not seem like a museum, just simply a warehouse and an old boat that was on display. Inside the warehouse there was a map of the world and where Crypto fought Armquist. After Crypto fought and killd Armquist, the area was abandoned.

Military Base: A small island in the middle of the ocean. That was where Crypto recovered the stolen Saucer from. The island was heavily guarded in the mission "Furon Down," although after that, it appeared to be abandoned except for a Power Suit Soldier and a Majestic Agent who patrolled the area. The island was almost empty except for building ruins and dead trees.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite Union Town's not inconsiderable size, it was very loosely defended, with only small waves of Police and Soldiers who attacked the player, especially if the player attacked the city using the Saucer.
  • The only Pedestrians that the player encountered in Union Town were dock workers, factory workers and Crazies. That made Union Town the only civilian settlement in any game in the series where only male civilians were encountered (this only applies to the original version of Union as the remake added urban females).

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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