Crypto roaming around Turnipseed Farm.

Turnipseed Farm was the first area in Destroy All Humans!. It belonged to Harold and Martha Turnipseed. Crypto killed 6 cows and then killed Harold, which made him the first human to die in the series. Martha then called the Police, at which time Crypto kills the farmhands. The Police arrived and investigated Crypto's Saucer. Crypto killed the Cops and (if the player chose to) Martha, then entered his Saucer and destroyed the human dwellings. Later, an Army unit entered Turnipseed Farm and attempted to stop Crypto.

After the Army failed to stop Crypto, a black sedan arrived at the scene. Two figures dressed in black got out of the car and were surprised to see that " Little Green Man in a Flying Saucer wiping out the best infantry unit in the U.S. Army." They were aware of Crypto, and stopped at nothing to put a stop to his plans. After that mission, the player could roam around Turnipseed Farm as they pleased. The time here was quite early in the morning. The newspaper that reported on the events near Turnipseed Farm was "The Grover County Gazette", which indicated that it was located in Grover County.

Destination Earth was the only mission in Turnipseed Farm.

Areas[edit | edit source]

  • Turnipseed Farm: Owned by Harold and Martha Turnipseed. The farm seemed to have many workers and helpers and took up half of the map. They seemed to raise cows and chickens. A farm hand mentioned in his Thoughts that they also raised sheep, although no sheep appeared in the game.
  • Highway: A large highway in the middle of the map, which separated Turnipseed Farm from the rest of the town. It also created a fork in the road.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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