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The elderly Master.

The Master was an old and wise Furon martial arts expert, who had strong mental powers and was well trained in psychokinesis.


100 years ago, the Master and Prince Meningitis were once good friends, but, imperial traitors who wanted to express ideas of democracy and republicanism in the Furon Empire marked Meningitis for death. The Master managed to stop the assassination, but was also marked for death, and fled to Earth where he crash-landed off of the coast of China.

The Master wanted revenge, but soon realized that the beliefs of enlightenment and philosophy in the East could help him improve his mental abilities. The Master then immersed himself in the ways of the East, and, over time, lost his desire for revenge. Instead, the Master built an academy, which he gained students and followers in order to pass his knowledge down to.

The Master took on an apprentice, Saxon, but he went mad with power, and formed a local Triad known as the White Dragon Kung Fu Society to oppose the Master and gain power. The Master then stated that the reappearance of the Nexos could have meant only that the conspirators may have found him and struck a deal with Saxon.

The Nexos had promised Saxon furon weapons in order to spread his criminal empire all over Earth if he helped them destroy the Master. However, the Master was revealed to be the true conspirator, who introduced synthetic DNA to Henri Crosteau and was responsible for the Nexos as part of his plan to take Meningitis' Throne. Upon learning that, the Master was then killed by Orthopox on Crypto's hint.



DAH! Path of the Furon Schooled by the Master

the master shows off his powers


  • The Master was voiced by Darryl Kurylo.
  • When the Master died at the hands of Saxon, he told Crypto that he was like: "The son that he never had...Mostly because his lack of genitalia." But if the player scanned the Master in the Monastery prior to his death, the Master confirmed that he had genitalia: "In case You wondering, I do have Genitalia!"