Sunnywood was the second area in Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon. It was a parody of Hollywood.

DAHS![edit | edit source]

The Wood: Destroy Sunny from the Sunnywood Sign.

Through the Hole: Throw "only a civilian" into the doughnut hole.

Around the World: Use the globe to cause havoc.

Areas[edit | edit source]

Sunnywood Hotel: Where Crypto started in the game.

Sunnywood Sign: The city's main landmark.

Sunnywood Shores: The city's beach.

Frankodyne Plant: The Nuclear power plant in Sunnywood that Crypto destroyed in order to lure James Grandee out and was later mentioned in Belleville.

Sunnywood University: The city's college.

Sunnywood Bowl: The Concert where Crypto lured Dr. Calvin out and where he fought the first Nexo Walker.

Hilly Hills: A residential community.

Studio 51: A dance club where Crypto met the Producer and Director of Bodymorphers disquised as Tony the Dance King.

Sunnywood Hospital: A hospital.

Typewarners Studios: A movie studio that Crypto destroyed so he could get his movie in and Bodymorphers out.

Gruaman's Chinese Theater: The theater of Sunnywood.

Capital Records Building: The circular building next to Gruaman's Chinese Theater.

Bank of Sunnywood: The blue building that was the second tallest. It may have been a parody of The Bank of America Tower or the Aon Center but with a different look.

Sunywood Post Office and Bank: The place where Crypto robbed the ATM for the movie.

Sunnywood Tower: The tallest building in the city. It could have been a strange parody for the LA City Hall or the US Bank Tower.

Residents[edit | edit source]

Jack Trippleson (Jack Nicholson)

Tony the Dance King (John Travolta in the film Saturday Night Fever)

Veronica Stone

The Guard

The Director- could be Steven Spielburg

James Grandee

Dr. C. Curt Calvin

Deep Navel

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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