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Sunnywood was the second area in Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon. It was a parody of Hollywood.


The Wood: Destroy Sunny from the Sunnywood Sign.

Through the Hole: Throw "only a civilian" into the doughnut hole.

Around the World: Use the globe to cause havoc.


Sunnywood Hotel: Where Crypto started in the game.

Sunnywood Sign: The city's main landmark.

Sunnywood Shores: The city's beach.

Frankodyne Plant: The Nuclear power plant in Sunnywood that Crypto destroyed in order to lure James Grandee out and was later mentioned in Belleville.

Sunnywood University: The city's college.

Sunnywood Bowl: The Concert where Crypto lured Dr. Calvin out and where he fought the first Nexo Walker.

Hilly Hills: A residential community.

Studio 51: A dance club where Crypto met the Producer and Director of Bodymorphers disquised as Tony the Dance King.

Sunnywood Hospital: A hospital.

Typewarners Studios: A movie studio that Crypto destroyed so he could get his movie in and Bodymorphers out.

Gruaman's Chinese Theater: The theater of Sunnywood.

Capital Records Building: The circular building next to Gruaman's Chinese Theater.

Bank of Sunnywood: The blue building that was the second tallest. It may have been a parody of The Bank of America Tower or the Aon Center but with a different look.

Sunywood Post Office and Bank: The place where Crypto robbed the ATM for the movie.

Sunnywood Tower: The tallest building in the city. It could have been a strange parody for the LA City Hall or the US Bank Tower.


Jack Trippleson (Jack Nicholson)

Tony the Dance King (John Travolta in the film Saturday Night Fever)

Veronica Stone

The Guard

The Director- could be Steven Spielburg

James Grandee

Dr. C. Curt Calvin

Deep Navel