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The symbol of the Soviet Union.

The “Union of Socialist Soviet Republics,” more commonly known as the Soviet Union, is a Communist nation made up of Soviet Russia and fourteen other national republics in Europe and Asia.

The birthplace of Communism, they serve as both the primary opponent of the United States in the Cold War, and the antagonist of Destroy All Humans! 2 and Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed.


The Soviet Union's history began in 1908, when the Blisk Warship crashed in Tunguska after drifting through space since the Martian War millennia before. The Blisk, much like the Furons after their conquest of Mars, had visited Earth and Russia in the past to "intermingle" with Humans. Thus, they possessed the ability to hide amongst them in human form.

Now devoid of a homeworld, the Blisk decided they would reshape Earth in their own image as they had other worlds in the past. Taking upon guises of revolutionaries in the form of Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin, they ousted the Tsar and his family in the October Revolution of 1917 and utilized the Communist theory to form a new nation, the Soviet Union.

From there, the Blisk deliberately created an air of hostility with the West that eventually blossomed into the Cold War. Through this they encouraged nuclear perpetuation, with the goal to eventually use nuclear weapons to render Earth into the same radioactive, oceanic hellscape that Mars had once been while utilizing Blisk spores to convert the human population into mindless Mutants.

By 1969, the Soviet Union was under the leadership of Premier Milenkov, who viewed Crypto and Orthopox as threats to the Blisk’s domination of the Earth. Thus, he tasked the KGB to oversee a revolution in America that would eliminate them both and see to it that Furon DNA was wiped from human brainstems.

Utilizing a satellite, a nuclear missile was launched at the Furon Mothership, destroying the craft and killing both Orthopox and Gastro. Both, however, managed to survive by escaping to Earth with their consciousnesses inside Hologram Units. Shortly after, KGB Agents attempted to assassinate Crypto in Bay City as he attended a hippie gathering, but Crypto managed to escape.

Afterwards, Project Solaris was approved and initiated, successfully, sending Cosmonauts and the Blisk to the Moon to create a moon base. After the discovery of the Blisk, Crypto destroyed both their efforts in Tunguska and on the Moon, as well as eliminating Milenkov, thereby crippled the Blisk's hold over the Soviet Union.

Following the elimination of the Blisk, the fate of the Soviet Union and its leadership is unknown. The Cold War, however, persisted and Veronica Stone blames the devastation Cryto wreaks on Sunnywood on Soviet jets bombing the city in Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon.

Military and Intelligence[]

The primary protectors of the Soviet Union, and primary foes of Crypto, were the Red Army and the KGB. Formed of reluctant conscripts and zealous and unscrupulous agents respectively, they stood as the bulwark of Russia against the Furon invader across the surface of Earth.


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