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Sleepy Ernst.

"Soon I'll PROVE the human mind can be controlled by televised propaganda and then I'll start my own cable news network! Where the heck are those Majestic Agents? America ain't gonna brainwash itself!"
―Sleepy Ernst

Sleepy Ernst was a German and narcoleptic human scientist, who worked with Majestic in Santa Modesta to control Human brainwaves using televised propaganda. After learning of Ernst's plan, Crypto vaporized him and retrieved his research for Pox to analyze.

Sleepy Ernst in the Remake


  • Sleepy Ernst was voiced by Bob Joles.
  • If you woke him up, Sleepy Ernst simply fell back to sleep immediately, unlike any other civilian in the game.
  • Sleepy Ernst's son was later mentioned in a newspaper headline, after an Arkvoodle Mission in Destroy All Humans! 2.