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Shen Long was the third area in

Shen Long's Loading Screen.

Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon. It was a parody of Hong Kong.


Monastery: The Home of the Master and his students. That building served as the main base for Crypto and Orthopox during their time in Shen Long. That was the first area that Crypto visited in Shen Long after he regained consciousness.

White Dragon Base: Located near the docks. It was owned by Saxon and was run by his pupil, Rolo. The base was surrounded by White Dragon Members and was destroyed after Crypto tricked the Police into attacking it.

Shen Long Docks: Where Crypto used the Tornadotron to wipe out the forces, got the Dislocator, and destroyed the cargo ship.

Shen Long Power Plant: The city's power plant that Crypto destroyed by clogging up the stacks in an Odd Job.

Kowdong City: A crowded district that was most known for its crimes, drunks, and hookers. There, Crypto ruined and destroyed Saxon's Tea company.

Shen Long Police Headquarters: Where Crypto convinced the Police Chief into investigating the docks and was later destroyed by a Nexo Walker in an Odd Job.

Sculpture Garden: Where Crypto beat up Rolo and destroyed the Martial Artsman.

Financial Square Tower: Where Crypto protected Rolo from the Police and SWAT.

Financial Square Tower 2: The tallest building in Shen Long. It was on the left of the green building.

Albion Square: Where Crypto protected the businessman.


The Master



Madame Ginseng

The Master's Mole



  • It was often joked that the "long" was pronounced with a very long "on", pronouncing it as "Shenlooooooooooooooong"; sometimes, even longer.
  • Shen Long Pedestrians often joked in their Thoughts, about the Chinese government taking on Communism.
  • Shen Long (神龍) translates as God Dragon in Chinese.