Shama Llama was originally arrested by the Bay City police until he was rescued by Crypto. Crypto then assigned Shama to be the Cult's manager and his overall link to organisation itself. Shama Llama then appears throughout each Cult of Arkvoodle mission, requiring Crypto's expertise on distruction which Shama refrains from as his stance as a pacifist. In return, Shama Llama offers Crypto a special reward once the message of Arkvoodle reaches it's peak.

As the Cult spreads to out of Bay City towards Albion and Takoshima, Shama Llama begins exaggerating his importance and authority in the Arkvoodie Cult, to Cryto's annoyance. Despite this, he still does deliver Crypto's promised gift in the from of the Burrow Beast.

Even after the completion of the Cult of Arkvoodle missions, Shama Llama appears on more time in an Assassination mission from the Black Ninja Leader. Crypto confronts Shama, happily ready to kill him since his service is no longer required. During the actual fight, Shama Llama still stays true to his pacifism, instead enlisting the protection of the White Ninja Clan. Also, being the leader of the Arkvoodle Cult, Arkvoodle granted him with all the lives Crypto lost during the Destroy All Humans! 2, making the difficulty of the challenge dependent on the skills of the player. Shama Llama has a health meter longer than a normal human but is still easy to be killed once, when he does, he just teleports to another place in area with another full bar of health until he finally loses all his lives.

After his death, his position in the Cult of Arkvoodle is replaced by the son of Sleepy Ernst.

Shama Llama
Shama Llama
Appears in

Destroy All Humans! 2

Voice actor(s)

Richard Tatum










Presumably Brown


Sunglasses, white hippie robe, red and yellow lei, dark pants.


Himself, Arkvoodle, Shrooms


Destruction, unless he isn't the cause,


Mutiple Lives