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Sergei was a former KGB Agent.


Sergei finished second in the KGB Academy to Natalya and asked her to quit. He joined up with Crypto and Nataya in Albion to defeat the KGB. Sergei was despised by Crypto because he thought that Natalya and him were in a relationship. Sergei thought the same about Natalya as Crypto did, but she didn't show the same feelings. Despite that, he harbored no animosity towards Crypto.

Sergei was able to persuade Crypto to join forces with him by offering a Datacore which worked. Sergei was infected with Blisk spores in Tunguska and was never heard from again.


  • Several comments were made during the Tunguska missions about Sergei's strength. Natalya mentions that he wrestles bears and during the mission "The Siberian Job," Pox can see that Sergei is lifting the massive fuel rod containers all on his own, whereas Crypto needs to use the Saucer to move them around.
  • Scanning Natalya's mind reveals a few things about Sergei:
    • He frequently reads the works of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin.
    • His idea of a perfect date involves reading Pushkin to Natalya while they feed each other roasted moose.
    • He drunkenly calls Natalya at 3 in the morning sometimes.