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Rockwell is the second area in Destroy All Humans!. Rockwell is a small mid-western town. In his first mision in Rockwell, Crypto infiltrates the local fair and hypnotizes Miss Rockwell and abducts her in the Saucer for probing. Shortly after Miss Rockwell reaches the Saucer, the Police arrive and Crypto destroys the fairground. The newspaper blamed the destruction on a freak storm. On his second mission, Crypto impersonates the Mayor of Rockwell (after putting him to sleep) and convinces the citizens that there are no aliens. It's also during this mission that Crypto learns of Santa Modesta. On his third and final mission to Rockwell, Crypto uses a film made by Orthopox to hypnotize local teenagers.


  • Fair: A small fenced in area at the edge of the town. It has many stands and rides, including a Ferris Wheel, a circus tent, a petting zoo (which features only a cow), and a stage where the Mayor stands. The fair is destroyed by Crypto in the Saucer.
  • Town Hall: The largest building in town. It had 2 balconies, and it was where the Mayor gave his speech in the 2nd mission.
  • Drive-in Theater: One of the largest areas in town. Crypto plays a film here to hypnotize the teenagers watching it. Also here is a concessions building and a gazebo.


  • Rockwell is based upon Roswell, New Mexico, famous for the 1947 Roswell UFO incident
  • Rockwell is 180 miles away from Santa Modesta.
  • If Crypto gets killed in Rockwell, the newspaper headline sometimes reads "Creature Found in Woods".
  • When first selecting Rockwell, Pox angrily says: "Roswell, Rockwell! That's the last time I take directions from a Cryptosporidium."
  • According to a road sign, Rockwell's population is around 3,200.