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The Robo-Prez and Silhouette.

"If elected, I promise to... Destroy All Furons!"

Robo-Prez was a Majestic Mech, who appeared in Destroy All Humans!


Robo-Prez made his debut when he was called upon by Silhouette to kill Crypto in Capitol City and was supported by the Army. Robo-Prez fled towards several monuments as he took damage, fighting near the U.S. Capitol, the Supreme Court, the Lincoln Memorial, and finally, the White House. Robo-Prez, along with Huffman, went offline after he fought Crypto. Robo-Prez appeared in the mission "Attack of the 50 Foot President" and that mission only. The player could have a sneak peek at Robo-Prez in Area 42 after the Duck and Cover mission, if they went into the nearest air hangar on the base and saw one of his feet.


Robo-Prez was built as the ultimate weapon of the United States at the time of Crypto's arrival on Earth. The Mech itself had a far more sleek design when compared to the Army's standard Mechs, and towered above them. At the top of the Robo-Prez sat the brain of President Huffman, the Mech's pilot.


Robo-Prez was strong enough to use stomp attacks, though his main attack was launching several homing missiles from his hands. If the enemy got too close, Robo-Prez fired a green beam from his chest. If Crypto got too close on foot he could die in one or two hits.


Robo-Prez was well protected and could not be harmed by Crypto's on foot weapons, so, the player had no choice but to get in the Saucer and blow him up. Robo-Prez was still difficult, however, and took well over 20 Quantum Deconstructors to be destroyed. However, a very skilled player could destroy Robo-Prez using many Ion Detonators but that was very hard to do without using cheats.



  • Even if the player collected Huffman's Brain before, its still used in Robo-Prez .
  • A dead Robo-Prez could be locked on by Crypto but wasn't affected by any PK Abilities.


  • Destroy All Humans!