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The Quantum Deconstructor in Big Willy Unleashed.

The Quantum Deconstructor was arguably the most destructive weapon in the Destroy All Humans! series and was the Saucer's most powerful weapon. The Quantum Deconstructor launched a thermo-nuclear cloud (that was mentioned in Destroy All Humans!) and devastated all buildings, Humans, and vehicles in its radius. It was incredibly powerful even without its upgrades. Upgrades for the Quantum Deconstructor mostly consisted of more ammo and a bigger destruction radius.

The Original Quantum Deconstructor[]

The original Quantum Deconstructor's effect on the Saucer: parts of the Saucer turned a bright lime green and a large spinning four-pronged device protruded from the front of the ship. The Quantum Deconstructor was able to destroy up to two or three city blocks, if it was shot properly. The impact of the projectile that was ejected from the Saucer hit the ground and resulted in a large green dome that decimated anyone or anything that was unfortunate enough to be caught in it. The dome then dissipated and a large circular yellowish-green radioactive cloud emitted from the center of the dome. It should also be noted that in Destroy All Humans!, being close to a building and firing the Quantum Deconstructor damaged the Saucer.

Path of the Furon[]

With the "death" of Crypto's old Saucer,

The full power of the Quantum Deconstructor in Path of the Furon.

Orthopox provided Crypto with a new, sleeker, and more 70s science fiction-styled Saucer. That Saucer's variety of weapons far surpassed its predecessor's, which included the Quantum Deconstructor. That form of the Quantum Deconstructor was able to change the size of its blast radius along with how much power that it emitted. When it was primed, the sides and front of the Saucer split into a pronged position, which held out a bright neon green sphere in front of the Saucer. The Saucer then showed a hologram of how big the Quantum Deconstructor's minimum radius would be, which made it easier for Crypto to determine what would get caught in the blast. When ready, the Saucer fired the small green sphere at the designated area, which caused it to explode upon impact and created a large neon green dome. The size of that dome differed and depended on how large an area was selected and how many upgrades were given. The center of the blast contained a spring green core with a large see-thru yellow-green dome that surrounded it. A large dark green gas cloud was then emitted by the core, which gave it more prominence to the blast's full impact.


Destroy All Humans![]

Destroy All Humans! 2[]

Particle RE-Annihilator: Increased Damage VS Blisk

Cost: 6 Furotech cells

Magneto Storage Department: Increase Deconstructor Capacity to 4

Cost: 10 Furotech cells

Repulsor Containment Enhancer: Increase Deconstructor Capacity to 6

Cost: 16 Furotech cells

Gamma Particle Enrichment: Increase Deconstructor Explosion Size

Cost: 7 Furotech cells

Neutron Field Fluxuators: Maximum Deconstructor Explosion Size

Cost: 13 Furotech cells

Big Willy Unleashed[]

Path of the Furon[]

Neutron Field Fluxuation 1: Decreases Quantum ammo draw when firing.

Neutron Field Fluxuation 2: Decreases Quantum ammo draw when Firing to minimum.

Fluxo Containment Field 1: Increases Quantum blast radius.

Fluxo Containment Field 2: Increases Quantum blast radius to Maximum.


  • The Quantum Deconstructor was always the last weapon for the Saucer and usually one of the last weapons that Crypto acquired.
  • It was suggested that the equivalent of the Quantum Deconstructor was a miniature nuclear bomb.