The Police were the first enemy who were encountered in most locations (except for Area 42, Capitol City, Tunguska, Solaris, and the Fourth Ring of Furon). The Police were relatively weak, only had a pistol, and rarely had a shotgun. The Police remained until the Alert Level increased higher than two icons, and were seen patrolling the town at lower levels.

Destroy All Humans! Edit

In Destroy All Humans!, the Police were the official Police force of the United States. The Police were encountered at Turnipseed Farm, Rockwell, Santa Modesta, and Union Town.

Cop DAH 1

A Police Officer in Destroy All Humans!.

Strangely, every Cop spoke with a thick Irish accent when the first two Cops at Turnipseed Farm had normal American accents in the first mission of the game.

It's also revealed through scanning a Cop's mind that they were corrupt and used excessive force all the time. They like to daydream a lot about their egos and self-aspirations, have little interest in serving the public and are eagerly waiting for their shift to be done so they can go home.

Destroy All Humans! 2 Edit

In Destroy All Humans! 2, Crypto and Orthopox went around the Earth and different Police came after Crypto. The Police did not appear in certain locations either due to Military Presence or were not assigned to that location.

Bay City Edit

In Bay City, the Bay City Police retained their American accents instead of the Irish accents. They were just the same as in Destroy All Humans!

Albion Edit

In Albion, the Police were modelled after the Metropolitan Police in England. They wore Custodian Helmets and had cocky British accents.

Takoshima Edit

In Takoshima, the Police were a little outdated, possibly due to Japan's liberation after World War II.

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