"My mind says Huffman, but my stomach says Eisenhower... huh, I don't know what that means really, but I bet Ike tastes like a cheeseburger."- Suburban man

Pedestrians were the most common Humans in the Destroy All Humans! series. They always ran from Crypto, although in Path of the Furon, Pedestrians reacted in disbelief, thought that Crypto was in a Halloween Costume, an ugly midget, etc.... Pedestrians were very weak-minded and gave the poorest amount of DNA.

Destroy All Humans!Edit

Turnipseed Farm- Harold Turnipseed ,Martha Turnipseed, rural crazy, rural lady/teenage girl, farm hands

Rockwell- Farmer, rural lady/teenage girl, fair worker/cowboy, suburban man/teenage boy... farmer's wife (temporarily)

Santa Modesta- Suburban man/teenage boy. suburban lady 1 and 2, suburban crazy.... scientist 2 (temporarily)

Area 42- General 1 and 2.......Dock Worker 3 and scientist 1 and 2 (temporarily)

Union Town- Dock Worker 1, urban crazy....... Dock Worker 2 and 3 an scientist 1 and 2 (temporarily)

Capitol City- Urban man 1 and 2, Urban Lady 1 and 2, Scientist 1

Destroy All Humans! 2Edit

Bay City- American hippie man 1, 2, and 3, American hippie lady 1, 2, and 3, urban man, urban lady

Albion- British hippie man 1, 2, an 3, British hippie lady 1, 2. and 3, urban man, urban lady

Takoshima- Japanese man 1, 2, and 3, Japanese lady 1 and 2, Japanese school girl

Tunguska- Russian man, Russian lady, Male Russian scientist, Female Russian Scientist, KGB Agent with no gun

Solaris- Cosmonaut man 1 and 2

Destroy All Humans! Big Willy UnleashedEdit

Harbor City- American man 1/male reporter, American man 2/camera man/teenage boy 1, American lady 1/ teenage girl/female reporter, Dock worker/construction worker, Disco Guy, Disco girl, Big Willy Worker

Fairfield- American man 1, American man 2/teenage boy 1, American lady 1/teenage girl, American lady 2, teenage boy 2, farmer, construction worker, Big Willy Worker

Fantasy Atoll- Tourist man 1 and 2, Tourist lady 1 an 2, Big Willy Ship Worker, Captain/ship worker, native man 1 and 2, native lady, pirate man 1 and 2, pirate girl, stranded man 1 and 2

Vietmahl- Vietnamese man, Vietnamese lady, Big Willy Worker, Adventurer, Colonel Kluckins' agent guy 1 an 2 with no gun, Colonel Kluckin's agent girl with no gun...... scientist (temporarily)

Destroy All Humans! Path of the FuronEdit

Las Paradiso- American man 1, 2, and 3, American Lady 1 and 2, Tourist man, Tourist Lady, Gambler lady

Sunnywood- American man 4 and 5, American man 6/college student, American lady 1, 3, an 4, American lady 5/college student, skate girl/ college student, male swimmer, female swimmer

Shen Long- Monk, Chinese man 1 and 2, an 3, Chinese lady 1 and 2, British dockworker/ sailor, work girl/ prostitute 1, 2, and 3....... hookers (temporarily)

Belleville- French man 1 and 2, French women 1 and 2, Tourist man, Tourist woman....... Scientist 1, 2, and 3, Union worker (temporarily)

Fourth Ring of Furon- Furon male, Furon female, Furon worker, American man 1 and 2, American lady 1 and 6, Tourist man, Tourist female.....Temporary Skate girl/college student

Appearances Edit

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