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PSI Mutant Concept Art Destroy All Humans!

PSI Mutants were an enemy in Destroy All Humans! and were voiced by Steve Blum.


PSI Mutants were Majestic Agents who were mutated by "a dash of Furon DNA". That DNA was acquired from Crypto 136. After their introduction at the Area 42 Majestic Base, the PSI Mutants were seen in free roam in Area 42, Union Town, and Capitol City.

Powers & Abilities[]

PSI Mutants didn't carry any weapons, but had mental abilities that drained Crypto's Psychokinetic Energy. The cost of those powers was apparently a severe reduction in the PSI Mutant's brain power. 3 attacks were possessed by the PSI Mutants: Wave 1: A blast of green energy that didn't hurt you, but disabled all your PK for a short time. Wave 2: It had the same effect as Wave 1, but that one went in all directions and hurt you. Shield: That wasn't an attack, but made the PSI Mutants invicible for a short time. A brain stem from a PSI Mutant was worth between 100 and 150 DNA.