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Crypto using the Zap-O-Matic infront of a number of casinos in Las Paradiso.

Las Paradiso was the first area in Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon. It was where the Space Dust, along with a number of other casinos and a secret Military base were located. It was based on the real-life city of Las Vegas, Nevada.


At some point after the events of Destroy All Humans! 2, Crypto purchased a lot in Las Paradiso, and built the Space Dust Casino as a front for acquiring more DNA.

Once the Space Dust was constructed, Crypto and Pox used it as their main base of operations and as their home. They scammed money from unsuspecting tourists and competed with other casinos, most notably, Nero's Palazzo. Months before the events of Path of the Furon, Crypto 138 "accidentally" became intoxicated and crashed his Saucer into the electronic ticker on the front of the casino, killing himself.

After the crash, 138’s successor, Crypto 139, went to war with a local Mob family known as the Molinari Brothers, who owned Nero’s Palazzo.

After ruining the Molinari's businesses in the city and their connections to the Italian Mafia, Crypto and the casino were attacked by Nexo warriors. After defeating them, Crypto destroyed multiple buildings, including Nero's Palazzo and the Space Dust in order to cover his tracks.


Space Dust Casino: The Headquarters of Crypto and Pox. Later, before he and Pox left Las Paradiso, Crypto was forced to destroy it with the Saucer. A parody of the Star Dust Casino.

Deuce Hotel: A casino in the Strip. (A parody of the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel)

Nero's Palazzo Casino: Another Strip casino, and the rival of the Space Dust, Crypto later destroyed it before leaving Paradiso. (A parody of Caesar's Palace)

CMG Casino: Home of the famous piano player, Liberoni.

Fabulous Las Paridiso Signs: Located in the west, east, and south city exits.

Las Paridiso Dam: The city dam.

Las Paridiso Police HQ: The Police station.

Love Chapel: A wedding chapel that was open 24 hours a day.

Hot Dice Casino: Another casino.

Hot Rook Saloon Casino: A casino and bar.

Queens Casino and Hotel: A casino and hotel.

Joker Casino: An extremely famous casino in Belmont.

Funny Clown Casino: A casino in Belmont.

Belmont Casino: A casino in Belmont.

Lucky Pot Casino: A casino in Belmont.

Astro Casino: A casino in Belmont.

Military Base: A "secret" Army Base that held radioactive fuel.



Mikey Molinari

Vinnie Molinari

Don Strenaro

Travis Skeevers

Sammy- Sonny

Faire- Cher

Legg Tallman- Gregg Allman


The" Midnight Rider"