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"Ideas may start a revolution, but guns and gulags finish them."

Ivan Oranchov.

Ivan Oranchov was a Human and later a Blisk who served as a high ranking agent in the KGB in the Soviet Union.


In 1969, Oranchov gave a slideshow speech presentation to his agents and Chairmen Milenkov, which showed the destructive work of Cryptosporidium and Orthopox that took place ten years ago in the United States. He showed that Crypto 137 demolished much of United States of America, killed many Humans, posed as President Huffman, eventually died for reasons unknown, and, his successor, Crypto 138, took his place in the White House. Oranchov declared that the only way to defeat the Furons was a revolution and sent a missile into space, which destroyed the Mothership and killed Pox and Gastro. He then sent KGB Agents after Crypto in Bay City.

Oranchov had a hippie guru named Coyote Bongwater distribute a drink called Revelade across Bay City. After Bongwater was killed by Crypto, Oranchov planned to destroy Bay City with Nuclear Time Bombs. Oranchov then fled to the abandoned Tunnel network in Albion where he was confronted by Crypto. He shot a barrel of Blisk spores and transformed into a Blisk Mutant. He then died in a fight with Crypto.


In the KGB rankings, Oranchov was told apart from his fellow comrades by his deep voice and the scar on his face. He wore the same uniform as all his fellow agents and donned a black suit that was similar to Majestic.


  • Oranchov's name was a pun on the chemical weapon, Agent Orange, that was used during the Vietnam War.