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A Human family from Destroy All Humans! Remake.

Humans are a sentient, humanoid species from the planet Earth.


Long ago, Furons discovered Earth and mated with some of its primitive Human population. As a result, this led to much of humanity being endowed with Furon DNA. Thousands of years passed as mankind became more advanced.

Humanity was rediscovered by the Furon Empire in 1959, by a party led by Orthopox in search for Furon DNA. Furons infiltrated Human society, and since then have slowly began collecting DNA. A few human organizations, such as Majestic and the KGB, took notice of the Furons and fought back with little success.


Examples of a Human male.

Humans were bipedal primates with varying skin tones and hair colors, though some humans were completely bald. Most humans were unremarkable in comparison to other alien races and lacked any sort of natural defense measures like armor or psychokinesis. However, each human carried a slither of pure Furon DNA, since some Humans were descended from Furons who came to Earth eons ago.


Human technology was terribly archaic and inefficient when compared to Furon technology. However, Humans employed much vaster array of resources, though carbon combustion and electricity were the most commonly seen. Humans were also able to develop nuclear power to compensate. Humanity was new to space travel and their ships were quite slow and inefficient.

Humans were, however, capable of “reverse-engineering” stolen alien technology. This allowed to them to create potent weapons and defence systems, though in extremely limited numbers.