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"As long as I live I'll never forget the look on that alien's face... squeal Crypto 136, squeal like a pig! And he did damnit! Good times!"

Huffman was the President of the United States in Destroy All Humans!.


Elected in 1956[1], he was up for reelection when Crypto arrived on Earth in 1959. A vastly unpopular president, many Americans saw him as sleazy and corrupt. Compared to Eisenhower and Nixon, both popular candidates, Huffman seemed to only have true popularity among certain female voter demographics. Even within his own administration, he was less than popular.

General Armquist disliked him because he always sucked up to Silhouette and Majestic, while Silhouette herself viewed him as nothing more than a tool for her domination of the world. However, she did concede that he possessed one of the most brilliant political minds of the 20th century.

In an attempt to weaken humanity's resistance to them, Orthopox ordered Crypto to assassinate Huffman. After a botched effort involving a trap set via the Presidential Motorcade, Crypto managed to locate Huffman as he made a public speech in front of the Capitol Building. There the Furon managed to kill him, or so it seemed. Some time later, Majestic managed to retrieve his brain. With it they constructed the Robo-Prez, a giant cyborg powered by Huffman's political genius.

Crypto posing as Huffman.

Crypto later used Huffman's body and masqueraded as him for many years.

Huffman had a wife named Doris and a son named Billy. It is unknown what became of them after Crypto assumed his identity, though he does mention them in a televised speech where he announces Huffman's "survival" and the nature of the "communist plot" against America that explained the events of the Furon invasion.


Huffman was, at his core, a very stereotypical politician. His thoughts revealed that he reveled in vetoing bills, cared little for his constituents, and was having an affair with what is implied to be Marilyn Monroe. Likewise, he had a surprisingly sadistic side. He witnessed the murder of Cryptosporidium 136, internally noting that it was a pleasure to see the look on his face as the Furon and goaded the Furon to "squeal like a pig."


  • In the original Destroy All Humans!, his assassination was timed. If Crypto failed to assassinate him within the time limit, a newspaper appeared which called Huffman loco because of his "confused speech." In the Remake, no such time limit exists.
  • Even if his body is disintegrated or his brain extracted by Crypto, Silhouette is still able to retrieve Huffman's brain without issue. A bonus objective in the Remake even requires the former instance to occur via Ion Detonator.




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