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Destroy All Humans! Glitches:[]

  • Zap Release: While this trick's closer to an exploit than a glitch, this trick allows you to do maximum damage with the Zap-O-Matic. when firing at a target, releasing the fire button can do extra damage. This is used as a way of finishing off weakened targets, so releasing every few seconds while firing at a target can do the most damage.
  • Long-Distance-Zap: You can zap enemies from a much greater distance with the Zap-O-Matic than the range provided. As long as the target is in render distance and their health bar can be detected, tapping the fire button quickly will hit them. It won't do too much damage, but it's a great way to take down humans from a distance.
    • This also works in Destroy All Humans! 2
  • You Hear Something?: Another glitch relating to the Zap-O-Matic. If you quickly fire the Zap-O-Matic without actually firing it, you can confuse enemies and freak out civilians. This works in Destroy All Humans! 2 too and will set the alert level to green if you do it near any Police/Army.
  • Kill Through Walls: Using the Zap-O-Matic or Disinterator Ray, you can fry humans if they're up against a wall/fence/barrier. It does significantly less damage (especially with the Zap-O-Matic), but is a way to kill enemies without taking fire your self. This works in Destroy All Humans! 2 also, with Go-Gastro and the Dislocator weapons being included.
  • Hypno-Brains: There is a much easier way of obtaining fresh DNA from humans with authority other than Police. If you Hypno-Blast Soldiers and G-Men and either cancel, Sleep or Distract they will become vulnerable to a singular charged shot from the Anal Probe instead of the usual 2-3 needed. A non-charged shot will send them running to the hills with their bottoms clenched.
  • Mayor Murder: Ever wanted to kill those annoying Mayors and high prioity targets without failing the missions? Well as long as you complete the task of not killing them, you can then extract their brains for 100-200 DNA. However in Missions such as Citizen Crypto, Armquist Vs the Furons and Foreign Correspondent, you can sneakily snatch the brains from the desired targets without failing the missions. You need to time it very carefully as misjudging will fail the mission instantly.
    • Citizen Crypto: As soon as you holobob the Mayor, spam extract.
    • Foreign Correspondent: As Bert Whither reaches your Saucer, target him and extract just before the screen cuts to the newspaper cutting.
    • Armquist Vs the Furons: This one is extremely difficult, but possible nonetheless. You will need to be very careful when performing this, but if you can clear every enemy from the Silo, keep the Navy General asleep, and lure Armquist to the door, you can pull it off. Armquist basically acts as a civilian in this mission until you pass the meeting part of the mission, and still has an echoed voice even when not in the Silo. Put both the Navy General and Armquist to sleep, holobob the Navy General, sneak in and extract Armquist's brain. This may not work every time.
  • Early Assassin: In the mission The Lone Gunman, after reaching the ambush and dispatching all/most of the enemies you are then tasked to killing the President before briskly returning to the Saucer. You can actually go see the President before you are tasked with killing him and Scan him, Probe him for 200 DNA, and then kill him all you like before dispatching any of the ambush enemies. He won't give his speech, but there are Scientists near by who'll give some rather hilarious 4th-wall-breaking small talk of which you would normally not get to hear. Killing Huffman before the ambush enemies won't softlock the game but instead confuse it allowing you more time to return to the Saucer when you do then decide to take care of them. The Long-Distance-Zap exploit can be used here to kill the human ambush targets from the Capitol Building - you won't be able to terminate the Robots however.
  • Long Distance Jetpack: The Jetpack in Destroy All Humans! is unfortunately very weak and cannot be upgraded making travelling on foot quite often a hassle. Although this exploit does not speed up the process it does allow for long distance travel (from one end of the map to the other in some cities). To perform this exploit, spam X/A (PS/Xbox) once the Jetpack has extinguished its fuel.
  • Friendly Fire: Fences and walls are deadly against humans in the first Destroy All Humans! game, so deadly that humans can kill each other without knowing it (not including the foolish Majestic Agents who'll shoot each other to get to you). The is a slow but possible way to kill targets such as Silhouette without your input. By PK-ing a Majestic Agent with the Disintegrator Ray look-a-like weapon or a Tank and camping outside the Octagon, as long as Sillhouete is against the fence, the firepower will hurt her (and knock over/kill any other humans against the same fence.

Destroy All Humans! 2 Glitches:[]

  • Crosshair Exploit: With any weapon in the saucer, aim at a car, tank, or anything that can be picked up with the Abducto-Beam. Quickly pressing (L1/LB) and (Triangle/Y) together can trick the game into thinking that your Abducto-Beam is aiming where your weapon crosshair is, allowing you to abduct things at long range, or fling objects behind you.
  • Quick Tank Destruction: Using a similar method to the above trick, if you hover over any vehicle and quickly abduct, followed straight away with drain and release, you can cause significant damage to the affected vehicle target or destroy it instantly. Alternatively, anything that touches the Saucer will be subjected to significant damage, so hovering over vehicles from a great height, releasing (L1+Triangle/LB+Y) as soon as you pick up a vehicle and descending will destroy most weak vehicles and knock at least 70% health off tanks (if performed correctly).
  • Ion-Dashing: After getting the Ion-Detonator weapon, drop a bomb anywhere, and take off with your Jetpack after jumping over the bomb, detonating the bomb behind you soon after. With good timing, Crypto will be given the recoil of the bomb, but not be put in the stun that makes you drop to the ground, pushing Crypto to make him fly faster than usual, cover ground much faster, and be essential for Speed-runners. You can fire two Ion-Detonators to boost your Jetpack speed - a method that is in fact faster than the Saucer.
  • Saucer Head-butt: You will need at least 2 upgrades in the Jetpack to perform this glitch. Go to a landing zone and call the Saucer, wait until the Saucer icon moves and then Jetpack straight up into the air. The Saucer will smash straight through you when it tries to land, and if you time it right, you might get stuck inside the cockpit.
  • Go where no Furon's gone before: Generally speaking the game will prevent your Saucer from exceeding certain heights in specific locations, but you can actually fly above the Coit Tower and Blisk Base (before destroyed). When reaching the maximum height at either of these locations, continue to push the left stick forward and pull the right stick in the descend direction, this will cause the opposite to happen when done correctly.
  • Not Callin' Home: In the mission 'I left my parts in San Fran... err Bay City', it is possible to bypass the Coit Tower fight altogether. Although this mission being one of the first Odd Jobs you encounter, it can actually be the hardest missions in the game due to RNG. In many missions through Destroy All Humans! 2, the missions briefer will remain where they were in case you may want to return to them for a mission recap. In this mission, HoloPox does just that. To perform this glitch and cheat your way past this mission without putting needless effort in, it would be best to have the landing zone nearby unlocked from the Arkvoodle Mission 'Cult of Arkvoodle'. After transporting the transmitter to the Coit Tower, destroy all but one tank and abduct this tank back to the nearest landing zone to the HoloPox unit. Make sure to destroy this tank before landing. Once you have landed proceed to the HoloPox unit and as soon as the next wave of tanks spawn in, 'Talk to Pox'. Make sure to skip the conversation and 'Leave' as quickly as you can. You will miss out on some of the dialogue for this mission, but it is essential to pass without effort. Repeat the process of talking to Pox and leaving every time a new wave of tanks spawn and you can successfully complete this mission with 0 damage done to the Coit Tower - even though you are out of render distance from the Coit Tower when by the Holopox unit, it will still take damage.
    • The PS4 version is less stable and you may need to attempt this several times due to the game crashing when you try to cheat this mission. A way to prevent this is to Mind Flash often instead of talking to Pox as the game may softlock trying to load the Dialogue. The Coit Tower will not continue to take damage during Mind Flash.

Destroy All Humans! PotF Glitches:[]

  • Jetpack Reset: Nearly all walls, usually buildings, can be used to recharge your Jetpack, allowing for Crypto to reach greater heights. Simply fly into any wall and experiment with your angles, all the while pushing yourself at the wall you want to reset off of. Having the right angles will slow Crypto's descent drastically, and since the Jetpack slowly recharges when in the air and not in use, you can recharge your Jetpack without having to touch the ground!
  • Disintegrator Exploit: For some strange reason, possibly as a debug trick, shooting a blast from the Disintegrator Ray, stopping time, and Temporal-Fisting the shot multiplies the damage exponentially! Allowing the later bosses in the game, and other tough enemies, to be beaten in seconds!


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