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"The Mothership has been destroyed!"
―Orthopox to Crypto[src]

The Furon Mothership was a space station in orbit of Earth.


After the death of Crypto 136, Orthopox defended the idea of going to Earth to collect the pure Furon DNA from human brain stems, in front of the Furon Council. After the events of Destroy All Humans!,

Pox began to experiment on live human brains, eyes and all. After his victory over the American government, Crypto began to spend less time on the Mothership and more time on Earth and the White House.

The Furon Mothership in Destroy All Humans!

In 1969, 10 years after Crypto and Pox arrived on Earth, the Mothership was destroyed by a Soviet Union ICBM Missile. The debris from the Mothership's destruction burned up in the Earth's atmosphere, while items such as Datacores and Furotech cells were able to survive.

The Furon Mothership in Destroy All Humans! 2.


The Mothership was positioned above Earth and orbited much like a satellite. Between missions, Crypto returned to the Mothership in order to obtain upgrades and the like. The Mothership's appearance was akin to a mushroom with a fatter base, which floated above Earth with a purple beam of light that came from the bottom to guide Crypto around Earth. It housed Gastro, Crypto, and Pox, along with living quarters and Pox's Lab where he directed Crypto from mission to mission and sold him upgrades in exchange for DNA. The Mothership didn't move around much except from the Furon Homeworld to Earth; however it rotated while it was in orbit.


The Mothership's main sight was the purple light that it emitted from its base. The station had extensive arrays of sensor devices, which were provided by the Furon Empire, for tracking Humans and mapping areas on a planet.