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Furon was the homeworld of the Furons and heart of the Furon Empire.


Furon orbited around Proxima Centauri. Furon had at least four rings around it, with the Fourth Ring of Furon having been habitable and serving as a vacation destination for Furon's upper class. At least one moon was mentioned and served as a high security prison.


Furon had low gravity and was said to be arid, which explained the development of Furon Jetpacks and how Furon Technology shorted out when it was in water.

It could also be assumed that Furon had air that was similar to Earth's, as seen when Crypto was able to breathe air during his time on the Fourth Ring, but wore an airtight helmet while on Solaris. While Furon was still habitable to Humans, a human would die stranded on it, far away from any water source. It was also unknown what Furon looked like from space.

Given that the planet was arid, this suggests that while it might have orbited Proxima Centauri in the habitable zone, it was likely much closer to the star like Venus is to Sol. As such, given that Proxima Centauri is a red dwarf, one Furon year was likely shorter than an Earth year.

Proxima Centauri is also a flare star. It undergoes random dramatic increases in brightness because of magnetic activity that would create large solar storms. This suggests Furon must have had an extremely strong magnetic field, and the sky would have been frequently lit up with constant auroras. Given Proxima Centauri's red color, the sky on Furon would have likely refracted light differently than our own, and so would likely also not have been blue like ours.