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A group of Furons.

Furons are a race of aliens who hail from the planet Furon and are the main alien species in the Destroy All Humans! series.


Ancient History

The true beginnings of the Furon Empire remain vague. What little is known is that Furons encountered Earth early in their expeditions into space, and procreated with early man, thus, leaving behind a bit of Furon DNA in their descendants’ genome. Earth was apparently forgotten, or was deemed too unimportant and primitive to take over at the time. Following that event, the Furon Empire finally took shape as it conquered more worlds.

The Martian War

At one point, the Furons discovered Mars and encountered the Blisk. The reasons for the Martian War remained unclear, although it was said that the Blisk were very cocky about their radioactive ocean world, so the similarly arrogant Furons likely saw them as a potential rivals in conquest. The Martian War was particularly bloody as standard Furon weapons proved ineffective, which lead to the development of stronger atomic weaponry. The Martian War resulted in many Furon casualties, the loss of their reproductive capabilities, the endangering of the Blisk, and the terraforming of Mars into a dry, and dead world.

The DNA Crisis

As a result of the Martian War, the Furons DNA was mutated, which caused them to loose their genitalia rendered the Furons sterile. The only thing that prevented the Furons from dying out was advanced cloning. However, it was later discovered that cloning led to each new clone being increasingly defective. The search for pure Furon DNA led to Earth's rediscovery in 1959.

The following invasion, which was proposed and led by Orthopox, was a success. With a major superpower under Furon control and a steady supply of DNA being farmed, Crypto 138 became the first Furon in eons to have fully functional genitalia. The crisis appeared to have been solved, but then most of the Furon DNA collected was destroyed when the KGB destroyed the Furon Mothership. Crypto and Pox retaliated by dedicated themselves to recollecting the DNA, but cut off from communication with the homeworld they were now ignorant of any new developments that happened on Furon from then on.


At one point, synthetic Furon DNA was developed by The Master, which solved the Furon Clones degradation problem for the rest of the species. Crypto 139 and Pox were not notified and were actually misled by the Master. Crypto and Pox went to the Fourth Ring of Furon and assassinated Emperor Meningitis at his summer palace. Following the Master's own death when he attempted to take the throne, Pox crowned himself Emperor of the Furon Empire.


Furons look almost exactly like the Greys, except for the Furons lack of noses. They were hairless greyish-blue humanoids with large eyes and large craniums. Furons had circles on the sides of their craniums that pulsated with energy. All Furons had reflective red eyes, three fingers with one thumb, and the same foot size. The male Furons had wrinkled skin, while the females had smooth, pale skin and lacked the aforementioned light circles. Furons were noted for being small, frail creatures; Furons were easily reduced to paste when they were smacked into a wall. To make up for that lack of resilience, Furons developed personal energy-shielding technology. Though they were not physically strong, Furon Warriors were able to carry around very big guns with no trouble at all.

Furons appeared to share some characteristics with Humans, such as being able to breathe oxygen. Furon genitalia was compatible with that of humanity, as the ancient Furon/Earth co-mingling, and Cryoto's own experiences, prove. The Furon lifespan was supposedly about five hundred years, but as they could clone themselves, they were virtually immortal. Since Furons lived on a barren world, water was scarce, and as such, they lacked the ability to swim. It was possible that there was frozen or even liquid water under the surface of Furon, though it was speculated that alternative forms of life may be able to use ammonia or liquid methane as a solvent.


Furon Society is quite cruel. Most Furons are very xenophobic and racist to other races, and wiping them out, enslaved them, or used them as toys. The species-wide ability to read minds forced some Furons to always tell the truth if they encountered another Furon. Comedies were seen as pointless, but action movies were very popular.

The Furon population is split into different ranks. There are leaders, scientists, workers, and soldiers, though there's little biological difference between each group. Large heads were prized by the Furons and were seen as status symbols, which possibly signified brain power.


Despite the fact that cloning degraded their genes and nearly wiped out their entire race, Furons rely on cloning for everyday life. Due to the over-reliance on cloning, a Furon was able to take a vacation while his or her clone was still at work. Despite that, Furons with a high number of clones were seen as reckless, due to the fact they were killed several times due to their behavior. Conversely, Furons with a low clone count were seen as wise elders.

Furons also considered themselves to be immortal, mostly due to the fact that their clones carried their personalities. The only way to truly kill a Furon was to delete it from the race’s cloning banks and ensure that the Furon didn't just clone himself and come back to kill you. As long as only one of a particular clone existed, the consciousness and possibly the soul was moved to the next clone. If there were multiple clones existing at one time, then the minds were separated as individuals.


See Category:Furon Technology

Furon Technology was quite advanced, though most of their technological efforts were focused on military applications. Furons were also very skilled in the field of biotechnology, though it's only used for modifying their own bodies by giving themselves stronger mental powers. Cloning was also an area that Furons mastered, which allowed them to clone themselves in order to attain near-immortality.


In Destroy All Humans! 2, Furon Religion was discussed. Furons believed in a god called Arkvoodle, also called the "Lord of the Sacred Crotch", who was shown to have idols, which were leftover from a previous Furon encounter all over the surface of Earth. One of the legends that surrounded Arkvoodle was the coming of a "Sacred Son of Arkvoodle" who would restore the Furon's long-lost genitalia in the second coming of Arkvoodle. Crypto was deemed to be that Sacred Son, and started a cult dedicated to Arkvoodle on Earth: The Cult of Arkvoodle, though it was abandoned. It was still unknown when Arkvoodle will return.


  • According to one of the promotional videos found in the special features of Destroy All Humans!, Furon was originally known as Gorta.
  • Every Furon referred to by name (save for The Master) was named after a disease or illness found on Earth.