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The Fourth Ring of Furon was the final area in Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon. The Fourth Ring was a Furon settlement that orbited Furon. The Fourth Ring served as a leisure resort and vacationer's paradise. It consisted of 6 main areas: The Funky Town artificial Human habitat, the Cloning Industrial Island, the Humania Amusement Park, the Resort Condominiums, the Emperor's Summer Palace, the Outer Rim, and the Furon Underground, both of which consisted of several large asteroids. The Furons there weren't the real ones though: they were specifically cloned there for the purpose of vacationing, even though the real ones were still hard at work on Furon. The Furons there only spent a few days on the Fourth Ring, and, then once their vacation time was over, disintegrated. The Fourth Ring was centered in a small field of asteroids. Many of those asteroids were covered with large blue plants and crystals, strange vents that spewed a strange green gas, and many had tiny streams of green ooze that ran across them. The Furons used the asteroids as parks and places to build storage buildings and other things.


  • Funky Town: A large bio dome habitat that kept Humans that Crypto abducted over the years. That habitat was used for the viewing pleasure of Furons who were interested in how humans lived. It was once thought to be a portal to and from Earth by fans, but only until they actually reached the Fourth Ring, did they realize that it was actually a bio-dome for previously abducted humans.
  • Cloning Industrial Island: The Industrial District of the Fourth Ring, where cloning procedures took place.
  • The Humania Amusement Park: A Furon amusement park, that was filled with carnival games, such as Huminko, Pinball, and Human Darts.
  • Condominiums: Consisted of 4 platforms with several buildings, which housed the vacationer's rooms.
  • Emperor's Summer Palace: A Highly restricted platform which housed the Emperor's Palace. The Palace's Red Nexo Guards attacked anyone who approached, unless they were a worker drone, and Furon laser turrets fired upon any ship that got too close.
  • Outer Rim: A massive asteroid cluster that surrounded the Fourth Ring. That area was extremely remote, but did have two Landing Zones, and a small Nexo Base was located in one of the asteroids during an Odd Job. In another Odd Job, a Nexo Training Ground was located in that area.
  • Furon Underground: The area underneath the city, that was made up of asteroids. That was considered the "shady" part of the city, and went very far down. If someone fell below the Underground, they were lost to the void of space.


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