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Crypto showing off the 1969 Dislocator in Destroy All Humans! 2.

The Dislocator was a unique weapon in Crypto's Arsenal, as it functioned closer to a tool for distraction rather than a weapon. The gun fires Grav-Discs, Purple/Pink disks of energy that would latch onto any object that it hit, carrying the object around aimlessly in most cases.The gun itself had claws that protruded off the front of the gun, which held the Grav-Discs before they were launched. The Dislocator wasn't very powerful, it was one of the only weapons besides the Zap-O-Matic and the Death Ray that didn't consume ammo, but replenished it over time. For both versions of the Dislocator, it only gained two upgrades that both increased the amount of shots that could be fired in quick succession. The Dislocator started off with 2 shots that could be fired in quick succession, then 3, and then 4 with upgrades.


The first appearance of the Dislocator was in Destroy All Humans! 2, in which the Grav-Discs appeared purple in color. When the disks latched onto its target, it would fling the target at Crypto first, forcing him to dodge it, after which the disk would carry the object aimlessly as intended. If the disk didn't collide with an object, but a surface, it would explode and do decent damage to its surroundings, even to Crypto if he was close enough to the explosion.

  • Grav-Disc Trio: Increase Grav-Disc capacity to 3
    • Grav-Disc Quadro: Increase Grav-Disc capacity to 4


The Dislocator returned in Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon. Its upgrades, along with the gun itself, were identical to its predecessor aside from the noise that was made when the gun fired, the Grav-Discs however, changed quite drastically. The new shots of the Dislocator 1979 Version were pink, rather than purple, which could have meant that the energy that made up the previous Grav-Discs was changed in the newer version. Besides the new color, the Grav-Discs no longer headed toward Crypto when attached to an object, but instead always floated aimlessly, as well as the new shots lacking in the explosiveness of the previous version.

  • Grav-Disc Holding Pack 1: Increase total ammo
    • Grav-Disc Holding Pack 2: Increase total ammo to maximum


  • The Dislocator is the only weapon that appeared in multiple titles besides the main weapons that were present in Destroy All Humans!
  • The Dislocator is the only weapon that had a drastic change to the main color, as it went from purple to pink.
  • The ammo used is called Grav-Discs when really it should be Grav-Disks, Disks are actual round, flat objects, while discs use groves to store memory such as a CD.


  • Destroy All Humans! 2
  • Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon