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Destroy All Humans 3 - Crypto Does Vegas (J2ME)

A video showing off the first two levels of the game.


Destroy all Humans! Crypto does Vegas is a mobile game developed by THQ Wireless, not much was known about that game, since it was removed from the App Store in 2016, and is lost to the public aside from the few that owned the game before it's removal.


Destroy All Humans! Crypto Does Vegas, isn't canon to the DAH! Timeline. It took place somewhere in the 70's, and doesn't have an expansive plot aside from Orthopox demanding Crypto to go harvest more Furon DNA from Human Brain Stems due to an DNA quota that hadn't been met for two months. Crypto causes destruction in Las Vegas, Occasionally called "Sin City", and it is the only Invasion Site in the game. 



Destroy All Humans 3 - Crypto Does Vegas (PREVIEW)

A video showing off all the weapons in the game.

Gameplay consisted of a Third-Person, top-down perspective, with missions that played out in a continuous level based system. Crypto was given a certain gun to kill all the humans in a level, however depending on the level, a certain number of humans could escape from Crypto but not fail the level. Crypto could move, and shoot. There was no Jetpack or Saucer in this game, nor any Mental abilities. Crypto has three lives per level, one hit can kill Crypto as he lacks his shield, though he can acquire one from a power-up.


  • Zap-O-Matic: Blasts a weak, but widespread shock of electricity.
  • Gloom Gun: Shoots a purple wave that stuns humans by making them very depressed.  
  • Plasma Blaster: Fires a powerful orange laser beam that instantly destroys its targets. 
  • Disintegration Grenades: Shoots a green orb that slowly travels forward and explodes. 


  • This is one of several DAH! phone games. This one, like its predecessors, has been discontinued. This is okay, as it is not an official release and is merely an app.