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The following article contains information from Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed and should not be considered canon.

Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed.

Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed was the third installation to the Destroy All Humans series. The game was created by Locomotive Games and published by THQ. Unlike the other 3 Destroy All Humans! games, that game was never released on a PlayStation or Xbox console (however a PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable version was planned, but was cancelled due to development issues and budget cuts).

This game is a stand alone spin-off in the series, set between the events of Destroy All Humans! 2, and the third installment, Path of the Furon, and is now considered non-canon.


Big Willy Unleashed takes place before the events of Path of the Furon and after Destroy All Humans! 2. The game is set in 1975, 6 years after Destroy All Humans! 2'. Cryptosporidium 138 and his mentor, Orthopox 13, attempt to support the popularity of Big Willy, a fast food restaurant Orthopox owns. Pox reveals that the Big Willy food franchise is actually a scheme to dispose of the human bodies Crypto leaves lying around.


Crypto and Pox are watching TV in Harbor City and happen upon the evening news. Bill Kincaid, a news reporter, announces that the Big Willy Corporation has opened its fifth-hundred restaurant, and that President Huffman has resigned, implying that Crypto gave up on controlling the American Government. The news is then interrupted by the missing heiress named Patty Wurst (a parody of Patricia Hearst) using a pirated television signal to appear on the channel. She reveals that Big Willy is using human corpses to grind up and feed to the public and that a shipment of meat supply is going to dock at the Harbor to prove her case.

Before Crypto kills Patty Wurst, in the new Big Willy mech, Pox figures out that his actual enemy is Colonel Kluckin (a parody of Colonel Sanders), the owner of a competing fast-food restaurant, and that he might be a threat to the Big Willy franchise. Pox sends Crypto to Fairfield in rural Kentucky, home of the new Big Willy restaurant, to see if he can find a lead to where Kluckin might be hiding. After Crypto lands, Pox notices that a group of roller blade girls skate out of the Big Willy restaurant holding a briefcase. Inside is the secret recipe for the Big Willy fast food. Crypto finds them in the back of an alleyway; he kills all of them except for one that somehow manages to hide. Later, she appears in front of Crypto and tells him that the Furon species and the Big Willy franchise will be brought down. Attacking Crypto, she escapes. Pox informs Crypto that his weapons and jet pack are broken. He returns to the saucer and kills more of the roller blade girls. Afterwards, Crypto body snatches the Corncob King, the boyfriend to the leader roller girl. He meets her at a phone booth, after which he jumps out and electrocutes the lead roller girl. Pox orders Crypto to destroy all of Fairfield (except for his restaurant) to wipe all traces of their missions and head off to the next area.

Pox brings Crypto to Fantasy Atoll, an Island located near Malaysia, as a tactic to beat Colonel Kluckin. There, Crypto meets Mr. Pork, the man who ran the island, and Ratpoo, his servant (both parody of Fantasy Island main characters Mr. Roarke and Tatoo). Mr. Pork promises Pox a new body and Pox agrees. Crypto must find parts to build a new body, but it turns out to be a hoax and it blasts Pox somewhere on the other side of the island. Crypto finds the module broken. A Furon Customer Support Representative instructs Crypto on how to repair the damaged HoloPox Unit, Pox is then restored and wants revenge. Crypto hypnotizes Ratpoo, who jumps into the Atoll's active volcano while carrying Pork. To their surprise, Mr. Pork survives and attacks with the Hate Boat, a giant warship. After destroying the hate boat, Pox and Crypto go to Vietmahl to find Colonel Kluckin.

In Vietmahl, Kluckin reveals that he has been making the corpses from the Vietmahl War into chicken wings and breasts, and Crypto and Pox confront a traitorous Big Willy employee named Trahn, who turns out to be a double agent with Kluckin. After successfully completing several objectives, including killing Trahn, Crypto climbs inside the Big Willy mech and manages to defeat Kluckin in a robotic rock Vietmahlese temple god. However, upon defeating Kluckin, Pox claims that he's done with fast food. Though angered by Pox abruptly giving up on the restaurant after just defeating Kluckin, Crypto gleefully takes the profits from the restaurant and tells Pox that he will make the business transactions from now on and that has an idea for the profits that involves a "little town in Nevada", as the both of them walk off into the distance.


  • Orthopox "Pox" - Crypto's commanding officer who sends him on missions and acts as Mission Control.
  • Colonel Kluckin - A parody of Colonel Sanders, this southern restaurant tycoon owns and runs "Kluckin's Kitchen," a parody of KFC. After many scuffles and run ins with Crypto, he faces his nemesis in Vietmahl in a mechanical version of a rain forest god and subsequently, is killed as Crypto (in his Big Willy robot) managed to destroy his robot after the intense battle.
  • Patty Wurst - Fashion Supermodel billionaire heiress, turned militant activist anarchist, Patty Wurst, a parody of Patty Hearst, has flair for metaphorical vagaries and misguided social causes. She is defeated by Crypto in his Big Willy robot going against him in a giant combat tank. She is a parody of the infamous Stockholm Syndrome case Patty Herst.
  • Mr. Pork - This benevolent owner of Fantasy Atoll has a special medallion made that protects him from Crypto's Weapons, and also a tall, and faithful, assistant named Ratpoo. Pork is defeated after the death of Ratpoo and the destruction his battleship, the "Hate Boat".
  • Mindy Peters - Mindy is the leader of a gang of Roller girls armed with Furon D-rays. She also has diamond studded brass-knuckles, and her disco ball can hypnotize even the strongest Furon mind. She is vaporized after Crypto disguises himself as an attractive human male (known as the Corncob King) and leads her to her doom.
  • Blastomycosis (Blasto) - A Furon child with some human features. Little is known about him, except that when Crypto is doing certain jobs, he makes his appearance, showing an Ion Detonator in his hands and firing a bomb from the detonator to blast a human or a group of humans before taking off. It is later discovered that Blasto was, in fact, the son of Cryptosporidium 138 and Natalya Ivanova. This revealed Crypto and Natalya did have sex in the end of the b-movie in Destroy All Humans! 2, but was originally created by Crypto tampering with Natalya's DNA in the cloning chamber.
  • Toxoplasma Gondii - A snobby bureaucrat and Furon Efficiency Expert who hails from the Furon Homeworld, Gondii puts Crypto through a series of tests designed to prove Crypto's invasion skills while at the same time breaking his spirit. When it is eventually discovered that Gondii is a fraud, posing as an efficiency expert and trying to get Crypto's spirits down so that he can take his place, Crypto and Pox seize the chance to destroy him, and notify Gorta, so that his next clone would be transferred to Gorta's Prison Moon.
  • Big Willy - Big Willy is the mech disguised as the Big Willy Mascot, used in the game to help protect the restaurant from its enemies. It is the only other pilotable Furon Vehicle in the series, other than the Saucer.


Harbor City[]

Loosely based on Staten Island, New York, Harbor City is located where New York state would be. Harbor City is featured at the beginning of Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed and is the original home of Big Willy's. Harbor City features many main attractions and store, among these include Big Willy's, Colonel Kluckin's Kitchen, Music House, Disco Inferno, a theater, a baseball field, a lighthouse, docks, and some statues.


Seemingly based on North Corbin, Kentucky, Fairfield is Crypto's second destination. Farms are spotted throughout the location (a landing zone is in a farm) as well as cows and chickens (both able to body-snatch). It is also home to the notorious gang called the Roller girls who begin working for Colonel Kluckin. Crypto is later on demanded to destroy Fairfield by Pox, all buildings except the Big Willy's restaurant.

Fantasy Atoll[]

Fantasy Atoll is an atoll located where Indonesia and the Pacific Islands would be. It is owned by Mr. Pork and his assistant RatPoo. Fantasy Atoll has many attractions such as the Fantasy Atoll Natives, volcano, Romance-A-Liner, and the plane crash site. There are also common enemies such as the plane crash survivors who shoot at Crypto, 1700's-like pirates who dislike Crypto for various past reasons, the Navy, the Army, and local rangers.


Clearly based on Vietnam, Vietmahl is home to Big Willy's as well as a dangerous war between the United States and the Vietmahlese. Vietmahl is also the death place of Colonel Kluckin, and where Crypto meets with his son whom he had abandoned at birth for uncleared reasons to him.

Abilities & Weapons[]

PK Abilities[]

  • Psychokinesis - Allows Crypto to pick up and throw people and objects with his mind.
  • Hypno Blast - Allows Crypto to control the minds of humans and make them dance to music.
  • Body Snatch - Allows Crypto to steal the body of a human or animal to get around more stealthily.
  • Transmogrify - Allows Crypto to breakdown objects and turn them into ammo.

Crypto's Weapons[]

  • Zap-O-Matic - Fires two beams of pure electricity that forms a ball of energy that electrocutes the victim until dead.
  • Disintegrator Ray - Shoots a ball of pure molten fire at the target, either blows up or gets vaporized to a fine dust leaving a skeleton of ash.
  • Anal probe - A probe that attaches to the victim's rear causing cranial explosion. Once upgraded, brains will be pulled to you.
  • Ion Detonator - A small ionic bomb that causes a large explosion vaporizing anything near it. It can be detonated manually.
  • Zombie Gun - When shot at victims, they become zombies and may either kill or turn other enemies into zombies, which makes them a good decoy.
  • Ball Lightning - A ball of pure energy that is attracted to anything metal and electrocutes humans nearby and can shoot three together.
  • Shrink Ray - Shrinks things like cars, humans, etc. However, you can't shrink buildings, boss level characters, Blasto, yourself, or the game floor. You can't PK anything that has been shrunk. Once a human or an enemy has been shrunk, they will not attack you.

Saucer weapons[]

The Saucer's weapons no longer require ammo, but once a weapon is used, it needs to recharge:

  • Death Ray - A standard destructive fire beam weapon.
  • Abduction beam - S beam that can grab and throw objects and abduct humans for DNA.
  • Drain - With an object in the Abduct-o Beam, The drain option will suck the energy out of it until destroyed.
  • Electro-Cone - Destructive electrical current; also ring of energy that happens all over the saucer not like the Abduct O Beam.
  • Sonic Boom - Concentrated ball of sound knocks target about.
  • Cloak - The Saucer can cloak itself into a Big Willy's blimp or other blimps for a stealthy approach.

Big Willy Weapons[]

  • Heat Beam - Twin heat beams fire from the mech's eyes it can also be used to destroy objects like rockets missiles and buildings.
  • Wind Breaker - Big Willy flatulates and lets out a massive shock wave destroying the area.
  • Regurge A Tron - Big Willy vomits out a wave of acid.
  • Pick Up, Drop, Throw, and Slam - Big Willy can pick up, throw, and slam anything like trees, cargo, or even the Big Willy sign.
  • Deoxyribonucleic Acid - Big Willy can pick up a human and squeeze the brain until popping point. Eating brains give Big Willy a boost of power.
  • Jump - Big Willy jumps and creates a shock wave upon landing. It's the only attack that doesn't need fuel or can be upgraded.