The Death Ray was the primary weapon on all Furon Saucers throughout the Destroy All Humans! series. Its devastating effects on the landscape and surrounding structures was quite gratifying. While the Death Ray had unlimited energy, it had to recharge between bursts. The Death Ray was always the first weapon that the Saucer was equipped with. In Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon, the Death Ray left its toasted mark on buildings and terrain.

Images[edit | edit source]

A demonstration of the Death Ray's power at the Rockwell Fairgrounds in Destroy All Humans!

Concept Art of the Saucer's Death Ray for Destroy All Humans!

The Death Ray vaporized Humans for meters around even when they were outside the beam. That was probably due to the fact that the Death Ray was so hot that it generated devastating heat waves outside the beam, which vaporized them. The Death Ray had the same killing animation as the Disintegrator Ray but it was hard to notice. It took one quick burst to kill most Pedestrians and Police but only set Majestic Agents and Soldiers ablaze, which made firing long bursts aggravating in order to kill multiple targets. Most Pedestrian and Police cars took little to no time to destroy with the Death Ray, but Army Trucks and Tanks were very difficult to destroy due to their armor. It was better to throw Army vehicles or use other weapons; the Majestic cars were hard to destroy due to their being fast and strong which made taking them on with the Death Ray difficult (let alone without upgrades). Also, the Death Ray was probably a reference to various 1950's space invader films: an example was the classic War of the Worlds when alien Saucers used Death Rays and vaporized humans.

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