Destroy All Humans Wiki

Destroy All Humans![]

Be aware that these cheats apply to the original game only.


The following Cheat Codes must be activated in the pause menu while holding L2 or the L respectively.

Note: On xbox one and 360 versions LB replaces White and RB replaces Black

Bullet Proof Crypto[]

  • Square, Circle, left, left, Circle Square (Playstation Versions)
  • X, Y, Left, Left, Y, X. (Xbox Versions)


  • Left, Circle, R2, Right, R1, Square (PlayStation Versions)
  • Left, Y, White, Right, Black, X (Xbox Versions)

Deep Thinker[]

  • R1, R2, Circle, Right, R2, Circle (Playstation Versions)
  • Black, White, Y, Right, White, Y (Xbox Versions)

Aware Like A Fox[]

  • R-□-R2-R1-R-R2 (Playstation Versions)
  • Right, X, White, Black, Right, White, (Xbox Versions)

Nobody Love You[]

  • R2, Right, R2, R1, Square, Right (Playstation Versions)
  • White, Right, White, Black, X, Right, (Xbox Versions)

The Following Codes must be entered on the mothership while holding L2 or L respectively.

Key to Orthopox's lab[]

  • Square, Circle, Left, Left, Circle, Square (PlayStation Versions)
  • X, Y, Left, Left, Y ,X (Xbox Versions)

MMM. . . Brains![]

  • R1, R1, R2, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right, R2, R1 (PlayStation Versions)
  • Black, Black, White, White, Left, Right, Left, Right, White, Black. (Xbox Versions)

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