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Big Willy's was the name of Orthopox's restaurant chain. It had 500 establishments and counting, with at least three restaurants in Harbor City, Fairfield, and Las Paradiso. Its main food product was hotdogs that were made from the skeletal muscle of all the Humans that Crypto killed in the first two games. Big Willy's hotdogs and fries were fried in motor oil and their smoothies contained lead petrol, and whoever drank it, lost all of their taste buds made the hotdogs even more delicious and the lead in it made them sweeter. That was a clearly unorthodox method for fast-food preparation, considering the infamous 1970's oil shortages, which made the oil expensive to buy and the oil's toxicity to humans.

Big Willy's main competitor was Colonel Kluckin's Kitchen, that was run by Colonel Kluckin. After the defeat of Kluckin, Pox sold his restaurant thanks to his banker who was in a region of Vietmahl. The banker then dropped the money thanks to something about shrimp boats and a mentally challenged war veteran.

In-Game Appearances[]

Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed

The game featured the biggest appearance from the restaurant chain, as the story of the game gravitated around it.

In Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon, the restaurant was found beside the Sultan Casino Hotel where it featured the prices of each meal and upgraded to burgers.


  • Willyburger .45
  • Cheese Willyburger .79
  • Super Willyburger .99
  • Mega Willyburger 1.25
  • Atomic Willyburger 5.99
Side Orders
  • Fries .39
  • Onion Rings .49
  • Soda .59
  • Willy Whirly .89
  • Wonder Willy .99


  • Pox often referred to the restaurant as "My Big Willy" which bothered Crypto, as he took it in the meaning of Pox speaking about his penis.